The Last Light Review


Tragically, this mini series came to and end today; it was not a happy end either. I wont spoil it for anyone reading though.

The Last Light was developed by  senior college class at Champlain college in Burlington Vermont. I must say, if they didn’t pass the class then I would be very disappointed.

So this game is, of course, an Indie horror where you play as Sophie, a young girl trying to meet up with her little brother, Lucas, in a subway station. During our journey, we learn that there is a mysterious force moving through the area, killing everyone without bloodshed or leaving a corpse behind.

Along the way, Sophie finds a radio with a man named Greg on the other end. He informs her of whats going on, and says the entity is afraid of light. Lucky for us, we have a rechargeable shake-weight flashlight.

That’s where my summary ends because of spoilers.

Now for my pros and cons.


-Looks really good.

-Original idea (although if it had been a super zombie or something like those things from I Am Legend, this game wouldn’t have been beaten by me).


-Found a few bugs still lying around (flashlight disappearing into the wall, glitch jumping from one area to another).

-Female actor’s voice was too quiet at some points; thank goodness for subtitles though.

So there you have it. If you haven’t tried the game out yet, I dare you to go to and give it a quick runthrough.

Thanks for stopping by!


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