Chilie: The First Encounter Review

This little game, brought to us by The Icehouse collective and developed by Beckoning Cat, is a quirky, fun ‘brain training’ game where your objective is to perform quicktime events as well as solving math problems using variables hidden within the beautifully hand drawn scenes.

In this episode, Chilie, a young, peppy redhead finds a hidden stash of red peppers, which, from my point of view, drives her into what most of us know as a sugar rush. Later on, her father (name?) finds her palying hide-and-seek with him in their RV/van.

In the end, the dynamic duo head off to find someone… Someone special. You’ll have to stay tuned for the next episode to find out. Trust me, the plot thickens greatly.

Now for the technical stuff. Overall, the game feels and looks as original as I’ve ever seen. I’m 99% sure it was all hand drawn, and that ads so much value to the game. So far, no bugs, which is a great thing seeing as it costs money for the regular consumer.

The gameplay rides the line between fun and rage inducing, simply because if you mess up, you have to start the whole chapter over or spend your  precious red peppers to get 10 more chances or moves to complete the task. I actually ran out of peppers before I reached chapter 10 of 30 (as of this post).

On the last note, it is somewhat irritating to see the written and spoken words don’t match up. Yeah, it’s a petty complaint, but this is a review after all! Highly recommend this game to all who read this.

Thank you


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